Selling vs Marketing :Selling as a subset of marketing

It is not new or first news that Marketing and sales are being differentiated but selling is nothing else but a part of marketing.

Marketing and sales are both aimed at generating revenue. They are so closely intermingled that people often don’t realize the difference between the two. Actually in small organizations, the same people typically perform both sales and marketing tasks or entrepreneur take the responsibility of both  the roles , than he keeps marketing role with him and hires few people who can assist him closing the deals , There is the start of Sales team in the beginning of organizational structure.

Few key insights are historically proven as,

Everything and anything which goes as techniques and tactics in Marketplace as revenue maximization is marketing.

Sales are closing.

When we thing the word “Sales” next obvious term comes in our mind as “Target”.

Marketing goes beyond targets and most of the time Marketing plays key role defining the Targets.

Sales is short term planning.

Marketing is Long term vision and planning for future.

Marketing is calibrating Product, Services and Supply according to customer and in contrast Selling is calibrating customer mind towards existing product/product idea and proposed services.

Marketing is Research, product, service design, testing, prototyping, efficient manufacturing, packaging, costing, promotion, location almost whole what a company does.

Sales are subset of marketing.

Selling is emphasis on product while marketing emphasis on customer wants.

Selling is volume oriented.

Marketing is profit oriented.

If marketing falls in right place there is very less need of sales or no need at all.

Take the Example of Apple.

We appreciate and regard Apple’s simple and effective marketing strategies. There are only few companies across the world that has thousands of customers use to lineup for hours at the break of day waiting to get their hands on the latest launched product.

1.      Apple builds beautiful products for an audience that loves them passionately.

2.      Apple Marketing and communication justify their price with features and benefits that can’t be matched.

Marketing Excellence makes Apple what Apple is today,

1.      A design firm which design ordinary things to exceptional

2.      A media platform which excites and justifies users sentiments

3.      A publishing company – News,Itunes,App Store

4.      A software powerhouse -Innovation leads to excellence

5.      A computer builder –innovative software and Hardware excellence

6.      A movement – As Apple continues to grow, develops more lines of business, and further strengthens its ecosystem.

Apple justifies the price of their products, with a style. Apple completely ignores the prices their competitors offer, and often price their products over double  as much as competitors,

I did a quick search on YouTube for “Unboxing the iPhone” and over 2,730,000 results were found, and this is just for the iPhone! Customers are proud to have an Apple product and are joining in on an online community of Apple users.

And this will keep on increasing for all coming Iphone versions of Apple. This is the Art and science of Marketing which differentiates between selling practices and marketing excellence.

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